TMJ Testimonial for Locked Jaw Treatment by Dr. Konig

Video Testimonial

See a real patient testimonial for TMJ treatment her daughter received under the care of Dr Konig in Houston at Konig Center for Cosmetic & Comprehensive Dentistry

Video Transcript

TMJ Testimonial for Locked Jaw Treatment by Dr Konig

So Beth tell us what our initially brought you to our office

So I have a daughter named Ava and she um she had basically her jaw locked and she had traditional braces and they pulled for teeth and then her wisdom teeth at thirteen and so when they put the braces on and did the contraction of the braces her jaw locked up and she started getting like massive migraines

I remember she had really bad headaches and she had pain to right in the jaw joints

Yes and popping and she couldn't like she could not open her mouth all the way like it had locked in that position she could shut it but she couldn't open it and so you know we became very concerned obviously and so we went to her dentist who referred us to another dentist and they did she did all this testing at the MRIs done we had everything done and we went back for the consultation you know to review everything that she had done and um she said okay so the option is you need to go to Florida and you need to get surgery done and it's she's her jaw is gonna be wired shut for nine months and that just kind of like I don't know inside my my heart I was like this

Alarm bells went off?

Yeah this just does not seem right and and I just could not make the appointment and I just you know time kept going and my husband was like are you gonna make the appointment and you know obviously our daughter is a pain and I'm like I gotta do this gotta do this and I just I just was stalling and I knew you now like that sense that you get you know I just knew it was not I couldn't do it so my husband does a lot of research so he researched and we found an oral surgeon dr. Koo and went and had you know meeting with him and he went through all of the paperwork and the MRI and and it took a lot of time and told us you know if this were my daughter I would not do this and I was like yes I thank you and so he um he's like I have a doctor that I can refer to and so he told us about Dr. Konig so we made an appointment and we came and it was amazing because as soon as we got here and dr. Konig explained what his you know what he was going to do I had like just the most overwhelming feeling of this is the right thing and so Ava's been in the treatment now she's had

Well it's emotional because it's your daughter 


And she didn't have to have surgery 

exactly you know and she was 13 at the time and no parent wants that right

Of course

and then you know and all the research I had done had basically said you know people that have had that surgery down the road it pops off again like that basically her joint had come off a bone and it was not getting back on there and so the surgery was to put the joint back on but anyway so people say you know I had this done I still have pain it's popped off and and it just didn't seem right and so anyway so as dr. Koenig spoke and explained what with procedures were I just had this overwhelming feeling of this is the right thing and so fast forward it's been in the appliance now and she's getting ready to go into the braces not traditional braces but

Controlled arch orthodontics which is the second phase

exactly so her she has no more pain she has no more migraines

I know, isn't that wonderful?

It really is and her her face I mean she's beautiful of course I know she is but um there's a difference in the look of her face

It's changed the shape of her face 

in a positive way yes and so the annoying thing though is now we need to do implants because the original orthodontist had us take the teeth out which is so ridiculous I truly and I feel very passionate about this but I don't know why the orthodontic society does not like accept this or not accept but acknowledge it and go forward this way

Look at a different paradigm

yes, there's no reason no reason to have any teeth pulled like none like your teeth are all in your mouth because they're supposed to be there and there is a way to have it to make it all fit even as an adult which is so amazing because that's that's one of the things with you know orthodontists is like well you can only do this growth as a child because their feeling is like if you push on the teeth because that's the way they do it and the teeth will fall out well that's not the case um you grow the I mean the the arch appliance actually does grow her jaw and like it's proof I can literally prove it but anyway but she has no more pain she can open and shut her mouth comfortably she's been able to because of the different appliance things and adjustments and stuff that Dr. Konig has done it's allowed the the joint to heal to be able to get back on like to regenerate itself

It's actually remodeled

Yeah and so anyway I just and our oldest daughter as well had the same exact situation it's just slightly different with migraines and she had the teeth pulled so we brought her and so she's now going through the process anyway my husband this is where the genes come around anyway but he also has it and I know that that's what it is it's it's having the teeth pulled the braces of contraction and it just causes that slip of the disc or not the disk but slip of well yeah I slip of the joint off the off the bone so I don't know I feel very very passionate about this I could tell anybody I do actually do I tell so many people you know don't if the dentist orthodontist says to take out your teeth



And there are non surgical options as well 

absolutely and um yeah I would love to be able to get it out to everybody

Well this video will help a lot of people see what can be done and we really love seeing you and your girls in  the office here and I'm glad you were able to come in and avoid that surgery 

oh my gosh me too and I have to tell you I mean for anybody that listens to this I love this office it's not like a typical dentists office I feel like you're friends like I can come in and I can talk to you any it is very different like I love it here

Oh oh well thank you we love seeing you too

and I'm not being paid to say this

I  know you're not but anyway Thank you so much I know that's an emotional story and I appreciate you

I'm actually proud of myself okay keeping it together under control

Well thanks Beth and we appreciate you

No problem, thanks

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