Testimonial from Porcelain Veneers Patient for Houston Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Ronald Konig

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Find out why Dr. Konig is the best Houston cosmetic dentist by watching this testimonial from a patient who received veneers and a gum lift by Dr. Konig. Thank you for your kind words!

Video Transcript

Testimonial from Porcelain Veneers Patient for Houston Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Ronald Konig

Okay, so I work in the entertainment industry.  And I went out to Los Angeles to do a board meeting, just a couple weeks ago. And it was the first time since I got my veneers. And while I was doing one of the harder parts of the meeting, I noticed that people were responding to me differently. And I felt confident. I thought wow, this is going really, really good. And then I noticed someone looking at my teeth. And I realized that they were respoinding to me differently becausse I work in the entertainment industry and people often change their appearance. Um, and if done well, it's seen as a sign of success. And weather they were aware of it or not, my new teeth were sort of telegraphing to them that, you know, I've made a change in my life, that I was successful.  And therefore they were treating me slightly differently. And once I noticed that and noticed that people were looking at my teeth. Um, I'm not certain that everybody was able to put together that my teeth were different, but they were just responding to me differently because especially in the land of appearance and in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, I had sort of done this thing that really made me look good.

That's fantastic. I'm really happy you're enjoying your smile. And obviously all the benefits of a healthy smile too.

It's great, it's great.

How was the procedure and the office? Were you comfortable during your procedure?

I was extremely comfortable. Um, as a matter of fact, it was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. I never had any discomfort and I found the process to be very enjoyable. I enjoy taking care of my teeth, and I had a lot of problems with my teeth. And it was almost like an overnight change. You know, whenever I got my veneers installed, not only did it look a lot better, but my mouth felt better.

Good.  Well thank you for sharing your story. And here is to your continued success.

Well thank you, thank you very much!

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