Robin’s Smile Makeover Experience with Dr. Konig in Houston

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Robin, a real patient of Houston dentist Dr. Ronald Konig, shares her experience seeking treatment from Konig Center for Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry for TMJ Disorder. Robin received a Full Mouth Reconstruction to improve her bite and recreate a naturally beautiful smile. Experience the difference of working with Dr. Ronald Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, FIACA

Video Transcript

Robin's Smile Makeover Experience with Dr. Konig in Houston

So I was a grinder for as far back as I can remember. And as a result of that, I had broken several of my teeth over the years. To the point that um, including I had actually ground off most of the enamel off of my lower teeth. So I reached a point, about a year or two ago, where I decided rather than have a few of my restorations replaced.

Then knowing a couple years later I may need to have more replaced. And including as well taking into consideration what my lowers looked like, I decided to have a full mouth restoration from a dentist that I knew that had specialized training in cosmetic dentistry. So I went to this dentist and the dentist was the first person to share with me that I probably did have TMJ. And what was causing me to grind and my tooth breakage was that my bite was very closed and we needed to open up my bite.

So we did that um, and we did full upper and lower veneers um, in my mouth. And a result of that was actually more pain than I had previously. Previously I did not have a lot of pain. I had um, the, the grinding and as I mentioned the result was of the teeth breaking and having to have crowns. But when I did get my full mouth restoration, I started having severe TMJ for the first time. Um and the grinding did not stop. So that's how I found Dr. Konig.

And after Dr. Konig changed your bite and aesthetics, how did this change the way you felt and the way you felt about your smile?
And even your facial features?

So, what Dr. Konig did that was different was I did not know at the time, after I had invested lots of money, um time effort and having the first restoration done is that I didn't realize that changing your bite was more than just guessing as to where your teeth needed to go.  That there was technology and training that some dentists actually have, such as Dr. Konig, that others do not. So what Dr. Konig did is through neuromuscular dentistry um, and his artistic talents, he was able to get my bite exactly where it needed to be. And additionally, the restorations that he provided were much more life-like. Um, I think they're much more um, uh, much less uh, I don't want to use the word fake, but that's really the only way to say it. They are much more realistic.  Um and therefore, I feel like I have the best teeth that anyone could ever have.

Well your smile certainly is beautiful. And I'm so glad that you are more comfortable than when you first arrived at our office.

Um, is there anything else that you would like to share about your experience or how you were treated in the office here?

Sure.  I would say that my case and my mouth I'm probably a bit more sensitive than many patients. And as a result of that, I've had several adjustments, including one today. And I think that the staff has been more than accomodating to get me in and to make sure that everything is perfect. Um, and continuing to work with me to get there um, as much as and as often as I need it. So I'm very appreciative of that.

We will always be here to help you.  Um, thank you so much Robin for sharing your story. We are grateful that we had the opportunity to help you. 

You're welcome. Thank you.

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