What Does Your Tongue and Breathing Have to do with Jaw Development and Attractive Faces?

Our office has been treating cases with non-surgical jaw development for overbites and underbites for years as well as TMJ treatment.  This applies to adults and kids.

His recognition that facial beauty and full jaw development had a lot to do with proper tongue posture, airway, and nasal breathing.  This is another reason that Myofunctional Therapy (MFT) is critical to long term success.  The video explains how these factors create or disrupt the faces from developing to their full genetic potential.

Jaw Development
Before : appliance  and TMJ treatment
Non-surgical jaw development
After TMJ treatment, developing the upper and lower jaw

The good news is that we are able to correct and treat these issues non-surgically in several ways.  The case above shows how a retrognathic chin and TMJ pain was corrected non-surgically. This not only creates more attractive faces but most often helps the airway or breathing as well.  In many cases, patients often are amazed that these procedures create non-surgical facelifts in the dental office and correct the overbites and underbites.

If you have questions regarding , Airway Centered Dentistry, or Non-surgical Jaw Development, or TMJ Pain, please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, FIAPA, 713-668-2289.


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