What Causes TMD or TMJ?

TMJ pain is not pleasant.  Causes of TMJ can be multifactorial and affect multiple parts of our body system.  A few factors that can cause TMJ symptoms are:


1)  Poor Occlusion or a bad bite:  when teeth do not fit together properly in a position that allows the joints,muscles, and neck to function normally, repetitive trauma can occur to the joints  This leads to the changes in the body to compensate by overworking muscles in the head, neck, jaw joints, and even the back. This can also lead to facial asymmetry.

2) Trauma: trauma to your body can lead to TMJ pain, neck pain, and facial pain

3) Muscle Hyperactivity: when the jaw joint is strained by muscles, changes occur in the skeleton and jaw joints.  This can lead to arthritic changes as well as other disorders

4) Poor Posture:  poor posture can be induced by TMJ disorders, airway issues due to the bite causing constricted airways.  Forward Head posture and loss of normal cervical lordosis is common

5) Stress:  stress may not directly cause TMJ disorders.  Many times stress can lead to clenching or grinding which strains the joints and muscles.  This can further exacerbate TMJ issues.

6) Allergies and Mouthbreathing:  open mouth posture due to allergies affects the growth and development of the face and jaws which in turn strains the system.

Non-surgical TMJ treatment is the most conservative way to approach these issues. 

There are even non-surgical TMJ treatment for underbites and overbites.  It is important that treatment encompasses and addresses the orthopedic and neuromuscluar functions of the body as well.  Interestingly, proper treatment can also improve the airway which also improves sleep.

If you have any questions about Non-surgical TMJ treatment in Houston, please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, 713-668-2289.


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