What Are the Benefits of a Nonsurgical Facelift?

istock 915711576Nowadays, dentistry is much more than just filling cavities and making crowns. In many ways, dentistry is an art, and it can even be used for patients who would like to make a change in their facial features. Here is some information on nonsurgical facelifts, which are available at the Konig Center for Cosmetic and Comprehensive Dentistry. 

What is a nonsurgical facelift?

The idea behind a nonsurgical facelift offered by your dentist is that your teeth and the way they are aligned (or misaligned) can affect your jaw, which can affect your facial profile and the symmetry of your face. Having teeth that aren’t aligned properly can also make your mouth look saggy, which can make a person look older than they are. 

To correct these issues, your dentist will use nonsurgical methods to realign your jaw and correct your bite. Besides changing the shape of your face, this can help with a saggy double chin and fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth. 

What are the advantages of this kind of facelift?

One obvious benefit of a nonsurgical facelift is that you don’t have to have surgery! This kind of facelift also doesn’t involve any kind of fillers or anything that needs to be injected. 

Another benefit of this facelift is that it isn’t purely for cosmetic purposes. Techniques to correct your bite or fix worn or broken teeth can help your health as well, by preventing problems such as TMJ, headaches, sleeping issues, muscle problems, and the issues that can come with unhealthy teeth, such as infection. 

And, other cosmetic procedures are often only temporary. However, fixing dental problems is a permanent solution, and one that won’t end up costing you more and more money every few months. 

You may be surprised how your face can change when dental problems are corrected. Fixing these issues changes the shape of your face and takes years off of your looks, all with the benefit of giving you better health. The staff at the Konig Center for Cosmetic and Comprehensive Dentistry in Houston, Texas, offers nonsurgical facelifts. Call (713) 668-2289 for a consultation to see how this procedure can help you!

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