Toothpaste: What is it All About?

Toothpaste is something we all use several times a day.  There so many different kinds and brands from cosmetic whitening toothpastes to tartar control that it is mesmerizing. How does one choose a toothpaste?

Consider that mst toothpastes contain  mild abrasives that scrub away plague and stain and also contain fluoride which helps fight tooth decay.  In addition to this most toothpaste have some type of humectant to keep them from drying out and some type of oils such as mint for taste. Other ingredients are sometimes sacharrin and thickening agents.

So how does one choose a toothpaste?  To start with, consider what your concerns are: whiter teeth? sensitive teeth? reduce tartar?  Most whitening toothpaste can reduce some surface stains and maybe lighten the teeth a shade.  If you have teeth that are sensitive to tempature, there are toothpastes that can help seal the nerve endings that cause this sensitivity.  If you have dry mouth, some toothpaste like Biotine are designed to stimulate saliva flow. A few others also contain chorine dioxide which is effective in helping with gum disease.

As for gels versus pastes, it is a personal preference. Of course another type comes into play, natural or conventional? Most natural toothpastes do not contain fluoride or other preservatives.  The conventional toothpastes are more true and tried thru the years for effectiveness as opposed to the natural ones. It is important to know that fluoride is effective and has been used safely for years.

All in all, good home care  habits go along way and some toothpastes help with this.  If you have any questions regarding Houston Cosmetic Dentistry please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF  713-668-2289

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