Tongue Tied? What is the Big Deal?

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Tongue tied is the term given when the muscle that holds the tongue in place is preventing normal movement and function of the tongue.  This can cause TMJ and numerous other issues. The following is a short list of important complications that can arise: 

-failure to thrive


-nursing problems

-improper swallowing

-speech issues


-improper chewing

-poor dental arch development

-malocclusion  (bad bite)

-postural issues

-sleep apnea

These problems can start at birth with Moms who say their child is a poor nurser or burps too much.  Younger kids might be picky or slow eaters.  The hospitals and doctors should be alert for tongue-tie when children are born. Even those who are adults can sometimes benefit from a frenectomy to release the tongue tie. This can be done with a laser and is relatively painless.

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