TMJ Pain Treatment and Life Changing Smile!

This is an interesting case as this gentleman presented with severe TMJ disorders and teeth that were worn, decayed, and misaligned.  His TMJ pain included headaches, neck pain, trigeminal pain, and inability to chew well.

Before: Broken and worn teeth due to misaligned bite and TMJ disorders
After: TMJ treated, bite aligned, and then full mouth reconstruction
Before: worn teeth and misaligned bite and TMJ pain
After: TMJ treated, bite aligned, and a life changing smile

His past history of dental care included simply repairing teeth with fillings and crowns.  This is how conventional dentistry most often approaches these cases.

The question is why would you repair or restore teeth to the same misaligned bite that is the cause of these broken teeth and all his facial pain in the first place?

This is similar to repeatedly repairing a tire that keeps popping or is out of alignment and wears prematurely.

In this case, Dr. Konig, after thorough assessment of bite, airway, TMJ, posture, and jaw alignment, as well as CBCT scans, first treated the TMJ disorder and pain.  This is accomplished by first finding the correct physiologic position for the jaw and teeth to so that the head, neck, and jaw joints are aligned. This is assisted by the used of computerized jaw tracking systems that also allows for muscle evaluation.

A fixed orthotic was then designed to “test drive” this repositioned jaw alignment and to ascertain the patient’s TMJ pain disorders are resolved before any long term changes are considered.

When his symptoms were resolved, Dr. Konig then addressed the smile.  His newly found physiologic bite position was then used to create a beautiful, healthy, and functional smile design with full mouth reconstruction.

Many factors go into planning these types of cases from chew cycle to contours, shade, and bite design.  Every case is designed based on the individual.

End result is a very happy pain free patient with a  captivating and life changing smile. Many call this a non-surgical facelift that can be done in the dental office, as it changes the lower one third of the face, reduces wrinkles, and aging.

If you have questions regarding Houston TMJ Pain Treatment or Houston Porcelain Veneers, please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF,


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