TMJ and Surgical Problems

TMJ and Surgical Problems

Dr Konig:

I had TMJ surgery in 1991. On the right they “sutured the disc” into the posterior position and on the left they just removed adhesions and effusion. I have been doing really well and now suddenly I have pain and obvious muscle tension of my left jaw. I guess my question is are any of these traditional methods going to be helpful

Thank you for your inquiry. I am sure there are more details that would help me to give a more thorough answer, however, without seeing you for an examination, please accept the following information and thoughts.

Do you know if they corrected your bite prior to doing the surgery? If not, then your bite is in the same position that caused the problems unless it was the result of an accident. By this I mean, if your disc was displaced, it is usually caused by the joint being forced back into the disc as your teeth meet together, pushing it off. In essence, the way the teeth meet together can cause this problem.

Most times both joints get affected as the jaw is connected, however, one side is usually much more noticeable than the other.

Answering your question, my initial thought is that you can be helped by neuromuscular dentistry. In order to give you a more definitive answer, a comprehensive exam, scans, and tommograms would certainly be indicated.
I hope this helps.


Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF

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