TMJ and Non-surgical Jaw Development


When it comes to TMJ treatment and Non-surgical Jaw Development, Dr. Konig explains, it is essential to look at the whole picture, not just the teeth. Most orthodontic treatment utilized is retroactive, meaning teeth are pulled back and only looks at the teeth. There is much more to consider than just the teeth when developing smiles and faces.

What Do We Evaluate and Treat?

Dr. Konig explains that true jaw development looks at:

  • Full face development (develop jaws forward not backwards)
  • Broad smiles, width of the palate
  • Develops and/or protects the airway
  • Looks at TMJ and facial profiles
  • Looks at facial symmetry
mg 9714.jpg2
Before treatment: facial asymmetry, TMJ pain, and unaesthetic smile
mg 2017.jpg 2.jpg2
After: Porcelain ,non-surgical facelift, used to correct TMJ and smile, Note the facial symmetry and improved facial proportions


There is more to facial beauty and development than just straight teeth. This applies to children and adults. Both can be treated or retreated and even to redevelop retracted teeth and open up bicuspid extraction cases.  We call this physiologic based dentistry and principles can be applied to young children and even adults.

Before treatment: Headaches and past retractive orthodontic treatment
mg 6158.jpg2
After TMJ Treatment and Non-surgical bite correction and profile corrected:  Full Facial and profile development

With Children, one of the most important issues to consider is invariably mouth breathing and poor tongue posture.  They both have a tremendous detrimental effect on proper genetic facial growth and development. Mouth breathing can and does cause narrow arches and recessed jaws as well. It is possible to correct or redirect these aberrant growth patterns and in many cases, Myofunctional Therapy is used to correct some of these issues along with certain types of appliances that help to guide development back on the right path. One such type of appliance used to be called an Anterior Guided Growth Appliance (AGGA) and has now been renamed Anterior Remodeling Appliance(ARA) or an Oral Remodeling Appliance (ORA).

mg 4575
Open bite from tongue thrust. No room for tongue as bicuspids extracted.
mg 2645
Re-developing spaces where teeth were extracted and widening arches allowing face forward remodeling

With adults, there are wide ranges of bite-related issues stemming from one reason or another that can be corrected non-surgically.  These range from crooked and crowded teeth, sunken faces, aging faces, TMJ pain, facial asymmetry, overbites, underbites and the list goes on.

Each individual needs to have their issues addressed on a personal basis evaluating the multiple factors mentioned above.  The good news is that physiologic-based dentistry has made wonderful strides through the years that has enabled us to help patients in ways we could not before.  Once again, it is essential that much more than the teeth are addressed.

If you have any questions regarding Houston Non-surgical jaw development, Houston TMJ pain, or Houston Non-surgical facelifts, please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, 713-248-8868.

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