The advantages of white fillings over metal fillings

copy of closeup of smiling mid adult man looking away picture id823300738 1 Depending on your age, if you’ve ever had a filling to restore a tooth after decay has been removed, you’ve probably experienced metal fillings. But there are many disadvantages to metal fillings, which is why white dental fillings have become the desired choice for fixing cavities.

Metal fillings

Metal amalgam was the go-to cavity-filling material for a long time. Some dentals still use this material, but Dr. Konig uses modern fillings made from composite white resin. Metal fillings have several disadvantages, including appearance. Metal fillings are much more noticeable when you talk or laugh, while white fillings blend in with your natural teeth.

Did you know that metal fillings expand and contract with temperature changes in your mouth? This can crack the tooth with the metal filling, necessitating a tooth crown to restore the tooth.

Metal fillings also contain certain materials such as mercury, which can be toxic in high concentrations. Thankfully, tooth fillings don’t contain enough mercury to be considered dangerous.

White fillings

White fillings have become the preferred choice because of the may benefits. They are aesthetically pleasing since they can be matched to the color of your natural teeth, not to mention they are mercury-free. And the material bonds to the tooth for a durable hold and doesn’t break with temperature fluctuations in your mouth.

When you get a cavity treated, Dr. Konig creates a white filling using a resin compound. He applies the material to your cavity in layers until the perfect restoration is achieved. A special light is used to harden the material and set each layer as he goes. Finally, Dr. Konig shapes and polishes the white filling to make it look attractive and as natural as the surrounding teeth in your mouth.

If you have decay, white dental fillings can restore teeth and protect them. Don’t wait to get your cavities addressed. Schedule an appointment by calling our office at 713-425-1302 today.

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