Athletes know that every game counts, and that the difference between performance and optimum performance can make or break a game or even a career. What if you had the ability to improve your balance and flexibility, increase strength, and achieve speed and agility without any extra effort or training? Are you looking for that competitive edge to give your best performance possible?

The advantage you are looking for is the Makkar PPM (Pure Power Mouthguard). The PPM is a custom-fitted appliance that’s only offered through a PPM certified dentist, like Dr. Ronald Konig, DDS. How does it work? When our bodies are working efficiently, we are properly aligned from the top down. But for most of us, our jaw alignment and head posture isn’t optimal, so performance is impeded. The PPM brings your jaw into the correct position for improvement in balance, range of motion, flexibility, speed and strength.

Professional, collegiate and amateur athletes have found the PPM to play an essential role both during the game and in the off-season. For results that can change your performance, wear the PPM during training and experience the difference for yourself. How can you get a PPM? If you are a candidate, impressions will be taken of your upper and lower teeth to get your optimal bite. A dental lab will fabricate the PPM and it will be fitted during the second visit to our office. To find out if the PPM can unleash your ultimate potential, contact our office at 713-668-2289, a Houston Cosmetic Dentist and Houston TMJ dentist and discover the secret that professional athletes possess.

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