TMJ Pain Relief with Porcelain Restorations (Functional Cosmetic Dentistry)

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Many patients who have TMJ pain do not have to go through braces or surgery to correct their overbites or underbites. The first step in these cases is to treat the TMJ pain and bad bite. During this phase, the correct physiologic jaw position is determined comprehensively with the use of CBCT scans of the neck and jaw joint, biomedical instrumentation, comprehensive examination and a “test drive bite” in the corrected jaw position. Porcelain restorations can be used conservatively to build the teeth to this corrected jaw position correcting facial profiles and facial esthetics too.

before treatment overbite and jaw pain
Before Treatment: Overbite and Jaw Pain

Porcelain Restorations to correct overbite, TMJ, and cosmetics
Porcelain Restorations to Correct Overbite, TMJ pain, and Cosmetics

It is essential to treat the TMJ pain first as well as any neck issues too. This allows for the porcelain restorations to be built to corrected position that is stable.  So much valuable information is seen on the CBCT scan as well as on the biomedical computer information. A fixed orthotic that looks and feels like the teeth can be temporarily bonded to the teeth in the new position allowing for healing, changes to be made if necessary, and ascertaining comfort before doing porcelain restorations.

This case shows a TMJ pain patient treated in this manner first, followed with porcelain veneers and onlays to correct the overbite . He is not only pain free but also has a nice smile and improved facial symmetry and profile. One can term this treatment as Facelift in the Dental Office or Functional Cosmetic Dentistry.

It is essential to have a stable bite, neck, and airway with TMJ comfort before completing porcelain restorations. Many patients ask if the type of porcelain used makes a difference. In most cases. it does not.   Emax, Empress, feldspathic, or other types of porcelain are all possible to use for restorations in these types of cases,

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