More to a High-Tech Practice than Just Equipment

Dentistry is constantly evolving and the techniques to benefit our patients constantly changing.  To be high-tech is not to simply own new equipment.   A larger part of having a practice on the leading edge of technology is the learning of advanced applications and techniques that make the delivery of our dental care more efficient, less post-op or no post-op pain, and better for our patients. For example, there are many composite resins that we can use for cosmetic dental bonding or for white fillings.  Simply purchasing them does not make this an update practice.  Learning to use the composite with techniques that decrease sensitivity and being able to mimic the natural tooth structure to create lifelike smiles is another story.  Creating dental bonding that looks beautiful involves using multiple layers of composite and artistically polishing and contouring the composite to the correct texture and shine. Even more important is how the exposed tooth structure is treated before the composite or bonding  is placed.  By  this I mean using the correct protocol and bonding techniques to seal the nerve of the tooth before the composite resin is placed. On top of this , using a high-powered curing light, such as the Ivoclar Bluephase light can cure or solidify the composite in as little as ten seconds.  Altogether, all three factors combined call allow us to  bond teeth and help patients in terms of comfort, cosmetic dentistry, and with less chair time for the patients. An added touch is using Oraverse, a new dental technology that reverses the numbness in 30 minutes to an hour.  Amazingly, less than 10% of the dentist in the country are using this. Our patients love this as they can return to work or eat dinner after their dental appointments. As you can see, knowledge and applying all areas of technology is how to help our patients with high tech care. Our office welcomes your questions and inquiries regarding Houston Cosmetic Dentistry or Houston Porcelain Veneers, or Houston Dental Bonding,  We can be reached at 713-668-2289, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF

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