Is Surgery the Only Option for Overbites and TMJ Pain?

Many patients present in our office for consultations regarding options to correct their overbites without undergoing orthognathic surgery.  Some have TMJ Pain and some do not. Most do not want to have major surgery on their faces and do not need too.

There are usually several main reasons patients present with this concern:

  • Facial Appearance of recessed chin
  • Collapsed or aging facial profile
  • TMJ pain
  • Worn teeth
  • Airway issues

Konig Center 1

Before: severe overbite, tmj pain, and ear pain


Konig Center 1  

Jaw pain and ear pain resolved: also note the overbite has been significantly corrected nonsurgically.


The scans above are of a gentleman who had TMJ pain and Ear Pain. This overbite case was treated non-surgically and the difference is seen on the above scans.  One of the ways, this is accomplished is by using physiologic dentistry methods to reposition the jaw and facial muscles non-surgically to a less strained and more comfortable bite. This is painless and biomedical computers are used to help determine the bite with respect to muscles, jaw joints, and neck muscles and patient comfort.

This improved physiologic position most often improves the facial profile and restores the facial symmetry and recessed chin to a much more normal and attractive face.

Dr. Konig explains, “TMJ treatment should not be about putting a removable splint in that is hard to wear and talk with and then wearing it the rest of your life.  Physiologic treatment most often restores proper symmetry, function, and facial beauty.”

Once the optimized physiologic position is determined and patient comfort and function (as well as esthetics ) is determined and a test drive bite utilized, long term options can be discussed.  These can be conservative ranging from conservative porcelain to a specialized form of orthodontics to move the teeth to the newly found bite position.  Many times no-grinding porcelain to minimal grinding is needed.

If you have questions regarding Houston TMJ treatment or Houston non-surgical overbite correction, please contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF,


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