Does it Matter What Type of Dental Implant My Dentist Places?

Dental Implants are truly a blessing to those who have missing teeth and can be used successfully to replace single teeth to all the teeth with bridges and even to replace teeth in a day (Teeth In a Day Procedures).  There are hundreds of different implant companies and there is a difference and it is important to use the correct type of implants for the specific type of dentistry being rendered.

Perhaps look at this like tires for your car.  One tire will not be best for every car and will become damaged and wear out sooner if the incorrect tire type and size are placed.  Implants follow a similar engineering scenario.  Some dental implants have small threads and others have larger threads.  These threads are also at different angles.  The size and angles can provide the implant with greater resistance to the forces of chewing.  Other implants have different parts that we can use to improve the cosmetic results of dental implants.  There are also different widths of implants that can be placed.

In addition to implant selection, another factor that helps determine  success is the angle and position in which the implant is placed in the mouth.  Implants that are placed at a poor angle can place unwanted stress on the implant and lead to bone loss and possibly  failure.

In overview, dental implant selection type and placement protocol are important and it is a science that requires an understanding of various engineering mechanics and planning for the individual situation.

If you have a questions about Houston Dental Implants, please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF  713-668-2289

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