Do dental implants hurt?

charming mature asian lady looking at camera and smiles Are you missing a tooth? Are you putting off that trip to the dentist because you are worried that if you get an implant it will hurt? It might not be as bad as you imagine – read on for more information about dental implants!

What is a dental implant?

There are different options you have to choose from when you are missing teeth, but a dental implant has many advantages. Dental implants, once the process is complete, look and feel natural. You take care of them just as you would your normal teeth. And, having no gaps in your teeth not only gives you a beautiful smile, but it helps to keep your teeth and your jaw bone healthy, and it can even help to prevent certain medical conditions.

For a dental implant, your dentist will place a titanium post into your jaw bone. Over time the post and the bone fuse, and when it does an abutment is placed on the post. This abutment will later serve as the support for your artificial crown (the part that looks like a new tooth).

So, will it hurt?

Your mouth might feel some discomfort for a few days after the procedure to have your post placed, although many patients report no discomfort at all, and some report that the process is less painful than having a tooth extracted. Your dentist may prescribe pain medication in case you do need it, but many patients only need to relax, eat soft foods, and use ice on the outside of their mouth to ease any discomfort. You should also make sure to follow any instructions your dentist gives you for your recovery period.

If this information still has not made you feel better about a dental implant, you should know that Dr. Konig uses sedation dentistry for your maximum comfort. Call the Konig Center for Cosmetic and Comprehensive Dentistry in Houston, Texas, if you need to have a tooth replaced, or if you are a bit nervous about a dental procedure and just want to find out if sedation dentistry is the solution for you. Call (713) 668-2289 today!

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