Diode Lasers: Amazing Technology in Dentistry

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Diode Lasers: Amazing Technology in Dentistry

The diode dental laser is simply an amazing piece of technology that every practicing dentist should have. Simply stated, the diode laser can be used to painlessly contour the soft tissue (gums).

In our practice, I daily use the diode laser for:

1) Gum lifts: to reduce gummy smiles

2) To artistically even the gumline aound the teeth for cosmetic cases

3) For Frenectomies without any stiches or bleeding

4) Around crowns and onlays to allow exceptional impressions

5) To remove infected tissue

After the procedures, there is no pain. The most any of our patients have ever taken is advil or tylenol, although most do not require anything. The laser is used in place of a blade or electrosurgery and lasers promote healing as opposed to creating a wound.

I could not imagine practicing with a diode and we receive referrals from other doctors for certain procedures. This is truly a huge benefit to patients in terms of comfort and better dental care.

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