Did you know that TMJ problems can cause Cosmetic Dentistry problems?

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Did you know that TMJ problems can cause Cosmetic Dentistry problems? Many patients present with receding gums, broken or chipped teeth, worn teeth, and even sensitive teeth. Some have TMJ pain or headaches and others do not.  What is not commonly known is that ones bad bite can cause both TMJ symptoms and one to ruin their teeth.  The question becomes why would a dentist restore the teeth to the same bite that ruined the natural teeth in the first place.

worn, chipped, teeth and gum recession from a bad bite

In the case above, this young lady had headaches and was really unhappy with the way her teeth were breaking and the gums receding.  Rather than just fix the teeth (which would most likely lead to them breaking again), her bite was corrected using physiologic or neuromuscular dentistry.  Once her correct physiologic bite was found with the assistance of biomedical equipment and analysis, her teeth were restored conservatively to this bite.  In this manner, her new bite allows for a comfortable jaw and muscle position as well as a beautiful smile that will last a long time.

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