Dental Implants and Missing Teeth

Implant dentistry can be one of the most predictable ways to replace missing teeth.  Patients are fortunate that there is more than one option when it comes to implant cases.  Even with single tooth replacement, the type of dental implant used and the position the implant is placed affects the outcome and final result. This is even more critical in the anterior or smile area. Implant dentistry and implant cosmetic dentistry is not a commodity.  Prior to beginning any implant, careful planning and analysis needs to be completed. This most often includes the use of 3D Cone and Beam films.  These films are very easy to take and allow us to see where the bone is and to be able to place the implant where necessary. One implant system cannot fill the needs for all patients. A simple  example of common implant problem that I see is when a single molar tooth has been removed and implant placed.  The restored tooth often looks short and packs food around the implant.  This situation can be avoided by using bone level implants and the use of computer generated custom abutments.  In other words, using custom made implant parts as opposed to stock parts (which are basically like one size fits all) is a huge benefit for the patient.  Interestingly, there is not much difference in the fees for these services. For more complex cases such as the use of All-on-4 implant dentures,  the cosmetic dentistry aspect of this needs to be planned, the facial profile considered, and the position of the implant placement carefully planned on the 3D scans.  It is critical to know where the prosthesis will be placed so that the dental implants will be under it and not coming out the sides. In our office, we also include our lab technician in the planning to ensure that our plans allow him to complete the prosthesis in the manner desired.  Failure to coordinate all aspects of this treatment will lead to complications, that sadly, most of the time can be avoided. All in all, dental implants can be successfully and predictably placed and restored when a “blueprint” is designed and implemented prior to actual treatment. If you have any questions about Houston Dental Implants or Houston Cosmetic Dentistry, please feel free to call our office as we welcome your calls.  Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF  713-668-2289

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