Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry

Implant Restored with Ceramic Crown

Dental Implants are now cosmetically/ restoratively driven and not surgically driven.  This means that implants being placed today should be planned and placed with the end in mind.  We have many tools that allow us to make implant dentistry predictable and esthetically pleasing.  CT scans  allow us to see in 3D the entire bone and skull so that there are no surprises. Careful planning from the implant type, implant site, and implant position with respect to the desired outcome leads to successful  dental implant cosmetic dentistry.  There is a difference in the types of implants and how these different types allow us to restore the missing teeth. In essence an implant is not implant and there is a cosmetic dentistry skill and surgical skill that must be mastered to acheive exceptional results. For example in our office, I select the implant type and position based on how I plan for the crown or bridge to look.  In many cases, the use of bone level implants such as Straumann Dental Implants and Astra Tech Dental Implants, allow for custom implant abutments to be made.  These are computer generated and are made to the appropriate root size and gum height that I prescribe.  Additionally, they can also be made of Zironium which is white and not metal shaded.  This further enhances our cosmetic results for our patients. We use these custom abutments on almost every case. The photos show how nice implants can look when properly planned and designed. The list is unending as to the benefits of careful implant planning for implant dentistry.  I truly feel that implants offer patients so many benefits and options that can enhance their long term results and health. If you have questions about Houston dental implants or Houston Cosmetic Dentistry, please call our office as we welcome your inquiries, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, 713-668-2289

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