Dealing With Dry Mouth

Is your mouth constantly dry? It’s a problem that isn’t just annoying, but it is bad for your oral health, and it could indicate that you have a more serious health problem. So, what causes dry mouth, and what can you do about it?

Why is my mouth always dry?

There can be a few possible reasons why your mouth is dry. It can be a part of getting older or a result of using tobacco products or drinking alcohol. It might also be a side effect of medication or the result of a medical treatment such as cancer therapy. However, it can also indicate a health problem such as an autoimmune disorder or nerve damage.

Besides just being unpleasant to live with, dry mouth can cause a variety of problems. It can make your throat feel dry and can cause problems chewing and swallowing (making it difficult to enjoy your favorite foods), and it can also cause bad breath. You can also start to develop other health problems if a lack of saliva keeps you from eating properly.

Dry mouth can also lead to tooth decay, which can cascade into a whole new set of issues and can eventually even lead to tooth loss. You need saliva to wash bacteria and food particles off of your teeth and to help keep them clean.

What can I do about dry mouth?

If you think your dry mouth might be related to a medication you are taking, you should speak with your doctor. He or she might also want to test for any underlying medical conditions that might be causing your dry mouth.

You should also mention the problem to your dentist. He or she might prescribe a special mouthwash to help treat your dry mouth. Your dentist will also want to ensure that your teeth have extra protection from the damage that can be caused by not having enough saliva – fluoride trays or mouthwash to protect teeth might be recommended.

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