Cosmetic Dentistry: Know Your Options

Several weeks ago a young lady came to see us for a second opinion. She had seen several dentists with regards to her lateral incisors which were discolored from bonding the years ago.

When I inquired as to what her concerns were about the previous recommendations, she replied none, that she really liked both except that both had recommended porcelain veneers on all her upper front teeth. After talking with her, she expressed that she was happy with all her teeth except the two lateral incisors (see photo) and wanted other options even though she was willing to do 8-10 veneers if this was the best option.

Whereas 8 to 10 veneers were a viable option, it is certainly the patients right to know all the options that are available so that they can make the choice themselves. (this is referring to Cosmetic Dentistry not restorative).

In this case, we discussed 1) She could do nothing as there was no decay

2) She could do veneers on the laterals only and

artisitcally recontour the other teeth including shortening the

central incisors, and bleach the teeth

3) She could opt to do veneers on the upper 8 or 10 teeth

The case was completed by doing two porcelain veneers on the lateral incisors after bleaching the other teeth. This treatment is much more challenging and requires more skill, but is more conservative for the patient, and in this case, we custom shaded the teeth to create the blend with the natural teeth. This is done in the mouth and we actually paint the porcelain colors on the teeth, then refire them in the porcelain glazing oven.

In short, there are usually several cosmetic options for cosmetic dentistry patients and having the esthetic skills to deliver more than one technique is a benefit to the patients.

If you have any questions regarding Cosmetic Dentistry, please feel free to contact,Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, a Houston Cosmetic Dentist and Houston TMJ Dentist.713-668-2289

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