Cosmetic Dentistry with Bridges and Porcelain Veneers versus Implants

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There are many patients who have missing front teeth and would like to have cosmetic dentistry done but are not interested in dental implants or may not be a candidate for dental implants for one reason or another.  This is not to say that implants are not a good option, only to recognize that there are other options as well.

Missing Lateral Incisor

In this case, the lateral incisors (adjacent to front two teeth) were congenitally missing and the other teeth in his smile had  decay.  Bone grafts would have been necessary to place implants and the adjacent teeth also needed to have restorative dentistry.  The options were: 1)  Bone grafts followed by dental implant placement, then dental implant crowns along with crowns and porcelain veneers for the other teeth 2)  Dental Fixed Bridges along with porcelain veneers for the other teeth Our patient elected to proceed with dental bridges in this case.  The photos show how nicely the bridges can be designed to look natural and to appear as if they are emerging from the gumline like natural teeth.  The lower teeth were whitened with in office bleaching to enhance their appearance. The patient is much more confidenct with his new smile! If you have any questions about Houston Cosmetic Dentistry or Houston Porcelain Veneers, please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF  713-668-2289