Can Porcelain Veneers Look Natural?

Porcelain veneers can look natural.  The art of cosmetic dentistry is not simply placing a single layer of porcelain over a tooth.  Veneers can be designed in many ways.  In the case below, this patient was very concerned about her teeth looking fake as she had seen many cases that looked too thick or fat and others she felt looked like chiclets or were opaque in appearance.  She had waited for years due to these fears.

Her desire was a natural appearing smile that was more symmetrical and closed the spaces between her teeth.

Assymetrical and Spaced Teeth

Natural Appearing Veneers 

These photos also show how the gumline can look natural and not dark. When designing  porcelain veneers for a natural appearance and to blend in with the other teeth, it is important to understand that natural teeth are not monochromatic, or have only one color.  These veneers were designed with multiple layers of shades and translucency, allowing them to appear like natural teeth.  This allows light to be deflected from the teeth without looking opaque. Lumineers often appear this way and thick as well.

Additionally, the thickness and shape was always designed to appear the same as natural teeth emerging from the gumline. The results reflect what the patient desired and a very natural smile.  

These types of results are also possible with whiter teeth as well.  The final results of cosmetic porcelain veneer cases lies in the skills of the cosmetic dentist and his ceramist.

If you have any questions regarding Houston Porcelain Veneers or Houston Cosmetic Dentistry, please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, 713-668-2289.

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