Can Porcelain Veneers Look Natural?

How Should My Porcelain Veneers Look?

This blog is intended to help those considering porcelain veneers and to help them obtain a better idea of what is involved and what type of smile design is desired. A true cosmetic dentist with special interests in cosmetic dentistry can design smiles in multiple ways.

Dr. Konig states, "No two smiles should look alike, porcelain veneers should be customized for the individual person and should fit that persons face and personality as well". These photos reflect different cases:

Before & After Photos:

Before: worn and discolored teeth
Before: worn and discolored teeth
Custom porcelain veneers to correct bite and create a beautiful smile
Custom porcelain veneers to correct bite and create a beautiful smile
Before: Short teeth and gummy smile
Before: Short teeth and gummy smile
After: Gum lift and natural designed porcelain veneers
After: Gum lift and natural designed porcelain veneers

Before any decisions are made, thorough discussion with the patient to understand what they are looking for and desiring. Some patients want natural appearing porcelain veneers whereas others might be looking for veneers on the really white side, often termed Hollywood white.

Following an understanding of what a patient's desires are, it is essential to evaluate the following:

  • Patient's bite or how the teeth meet together
  • Wear and damaged teeth
  • TMJ evaluation for misaligned bites
  • Periodontal or gum health
  • Bruxism issues
  • Full facial evaluation
  • Size and shape of the teeth
  • Proportions of the teeth to each other

In some cases, the teeth have been worn down or damaged from the bite. These are situations that might warrant realigning the jaw and bite before the veneers are completed and TMJ treatment if indicated.  These cases change the patients facial features, what we often call non-surgical facelift in the dental office. Overbites and underbites can be corrected non-surgically in most cases with these procedures.

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