Can My Veneers Look Natural and Beautiful?

Patients often present wanting porcelain veneers, however, are reluctant as they have seen others with bulky unnaturally appearing veneers.  Others are concerned with their teeth looking like "Chiclets".  The good news is that porcelain veneers can look natural and beautiful as well.

Dr. Konig designs veneers for the individual, based on their desires.  Communication and an understanding of the patient's expectation is essential.

Some patients like very white teeth whereas others like them to look natural and attractive.  The photos above show a veneer case in which the patient put off doing veneers for years.  She was unhappy with the staining teeth, filling repeatedly staining, and having an aging looking smile.  Her desire was a naturally appearing smile with natural shading and translucency.

Dr. Konig uses his artistry and knowledge of cosmetic dentistry to create veneers with translucence and proper size to fit the patient's face.

mg 3018
Before: Stained and worn teeth
mg 4285
Beautiful and natural veneer designs by Dr. Konig
mg 3014
Before smile
mg 3018 2 48
After Smile

Dr. Konig emphasizes the use of his "test drive smile" protocols to allow patients see their smiles before placing the long term porcelain veneers.  Some additional factors to consider and evaluate are:

  1. Midline of the Upper Teeth
  2. Width of the smile
  3. Taper and design of the veneers
  4. Shapes of the edges of the teeth  (squareness versus rounded)
  5. Length of the teeth
  6. Shading
  7. Texture of the teeth
  8. How the veneers follow the lip line

The photos show how these factors were all included in her smile design.

Most patient's say they wish they had done their veneers years ago!

Rather than place porcelain veneers on the lower teeth, these teeth where whitened and artistically re-contoured. This allowed the lower teeth appear straighter and less worn.

This changed her life and smile!

If you have questions regarding Houston Cosmetic Dentistry or Houston Porcelain Veneers, please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, 713-668-2289.


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