Are Veneers an Option for Severely Discolored Teeth?

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Using porcelain veneers for Cosmetic Dentistry is more conservative than crowns and can be used to treat discolored teeth.  There are certain techniques that need to be considered to keep the dark tooth from shining through the veneer and to still create a natural appearance.  Another factor that needs attention in these cases is how to take care of the shine through in between the teeth.  Advanced veneering preparation techniques should be used to prevent this from occurring.  There are also different types of porcelains and strategic ways to layer this porcelain to mask the color and still create an esthetic result for patients.   

The photos above show how these considerations and techniques can help with severely discolored teeth and still create a natural and pretty smile.  Please note the crowns in the back which were porcelain-metal crowns and changed to all ceramic crowns designed the same way as the porcelain veneers.   There are many advancements with cosmetic dentistry that can truly help patients smiles conservatively as well.  

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