Another Dimension of Cosmetic Dentistry

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How do people see you when you smile? What about from the side view?  Cosmetic Dentistry should not be limited to what people see from the front.  When contemplating porcelain veneers or any smile design, it is essential plan from the side and profile view too. This is what others see at the dinner table, in meetings, and when socializing.  In the photos below, it is easy to see that the "retroclined" can be designed to improve the her profile  as well as alignment of her smile.  Also note the natural contours of her bicuspids which also show when she smiles.


Including the profile and contours of the back and front teeth in the smile design can be the difference between a good and great cosmetic veneer case. It has been said that cosmetic dentistry is an art and science, it truly is and attention to the mutlifacets of smile designs is essential for exceptional results.

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