Alternative to Dentures: All-on-4 Implant Bridges

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Dental implants allow us to offer our patients a wide range of choices.  With the advent of 3D scans we are able to see exactly where the bone is without guessing.   In many denture cases where the teeth have missing for some time, there is often not enough bone around the upper molars to place dental implants. It used to be that this would limit implant denture patients to only  having dental implants in the front area and not being able to have a fixed bridge ( meaning that it does not come out).  Patients just love having something fixed and strong.  This is where the All-on-4 technique comes into play.  The dental implants are placed at an angle around the sinus as opposed to  having to do sinus bone lifts.  This means less surgery and faster results for our patients. Upper and Lower All-on-4 When we use this All-on-4 technique, which is often referred to as "Teeth in a Day", our patients never go without teeth and everything is ready to go before the teeth are removed.  Please note that All-on-4, does not mean that only 4 dental implants are placed, often we use 5 or 6 for added strength and support. We are able to provide excellent cosmetic dentistry with the All-on-4 as well and work closely with our patients to design the smiles to what they like and are happy with. If you have any questions about Houston Dental Implants or Houston Cosmetic Dentistry please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF713-668-2289