Advancements in TMJ Therapy

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TMJ treatment is not a new field in dentistry, however, it is truly a field in which new therapies and treatment  modalities  are being developed based on new understandings about this complicated TMJ joint.

What has not really changed is the general way that TMJ is taught by dental schools and practiced by dentists.   Simply placing a splint or appliance in the mouth is not treating TMJ.  Before any treatment is initiated, a working diagnosis should be made. In addition, to a comprehensive evaluation, there are many non-invasive diagnostic tests that help to determine the extent of TMJ problems. Some neuromuscular dentists have computerized equipment and can use electrosonograhpy and other scans to help see what is going on.  Additionally,having the proper software to evaluate CT scans of the head allows us to evalaute the neck, joints, and other associated structures that involve TMJ pain.

Understanding the involvement of the cervical components of TMJ is essential in long term stability and successful treatment.  Additionally,many times rotation in C1 and C2 vertebrae in the neck occurs due to TMJ problems and vice versa.

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