8 reasons beyond a beautiful smile to get dental implants

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing individual teeth and blend in as if they’re your natural teeth. What’s even better, dental implants serve a functional role in addition to giving you a beautiful smile. Here are eight ways implants can benefit your dental health:

Dental implants can improve oral health. Nearby teeth are not altered to prep the area for the implant placement as they are with a bridge. You maintain, brush, floss and rinse your dental implants as if they’re your natural teeth. They don’t need to be removed to be cleaned.

They stop bone loss. The space between missing teeth can degenerate, leading to bone loss and weakening the jawbone. When an implant is fused to your jawbone as an artificial root, it signals to your body to maintain bone density for jaw function.

They can help improve your diet. When you’re missing teeth, it’s difficult to eat properly, so you may end up with an inadequate diet. Patients who have removable dentures and bridges often avoid foods that are difficult to chew, including many fruits and vegetables. This leads to nutritional deficiencies.

They improve facial shape and symmetry. Dental implants stop adjacent teeth from migrating into the space.

It can lead to disease that affects vital organs. Older adults who have missing teeth often have periodontal disease and may not even know it. This is where bacteria from a chronic gum infection can move through the bloodstream into vital organs.

Implants can improve speech. Dentures can slip in your mouth, causing you to slur words. Dental implants are securely fitted inside your mouth, so no worry about teeth slipping or interfering with tongue or mouth movement.

You can expect improved self-image and confidence. When you restore your smile, you start to feel better about yourself.

Implants can last a lifetime. Unlike bridges and dentures, which last as little as five years before they need replacing, dental implants can offer a long-lasting, healthy smile for a decade and even a lifetime with good care.

Dr. Konig can help you determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants and whether implants are the best choice for you. Call 713-425-1302 to set up a consultation.

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