7 benefits to Teeth in a Day implants

istock 157640943 1 1 Dentures, or false teeth, are removable replacements for missing teeth. Available as partial or complete dentures, these are one of the most popular approaches to dental care. But there are many cons to having dentures, such as gum irritation from poorly fitting dentures, having to remove them every day to clean them, and the fact that the bone underneath will shrink over time.

Dental implant bridges called Teeth in a Day are a great option for those who want prosthetic teeth that stay in place and are not removable.

Here are seven benefits to Teeth in a Day and why you should consider this treatment option.

Achieve a confident smile. If you’ve been missing all or most of your teeth, Teeth in a Day will function, feel and look like your natural teeth, giving you more confidence in your smile.

Eat a normal diet. Unlike dentures, your new teeth will be anchored into your jawbone, so you can return to a normal, diverse diet without restrictions.

Chew with confidence. Teeth in a Day are anchored into the jawbone, which gives you a bite force 70 percent more powerful than with dentures.

Go home with fully functioning teeth the same day. The Teeth in a Day procedure takes 2.5 hours per arch. While you await your permanent teeth, you will go home with temporary functioning teeth that same day as the implant procedure.

End bone loss. Dentures can’t prevent bone loss, but Teeth in a Day implants transfer bite force energy into the jawbone, which triggers the creation of new bone cells to keep your jawbone healthy.

A permanent solution. Whether you receive one arch or two, you will have your new teeth for the rest of your life with proper care.

No bone grafting. If you are considering traditional implants, you may have to have bone grafting to help with lost jawbone mass. Teeth in a Day eliminates that concern.

If you are interested in Teeth in a Day and want to compare the pros and cons with other dental treatment options, call our office at 713-425-1302 today to schedule a consultation.

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