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Have you taken a good look at your smile lately? Go ahead. We'll wait. You may notice that your smile has changed over the years. It may not be as bright; your teeth may look a little longer if your gums have receded, or your lower teeth might look smaller. Are any of these issues serious? They can be, particularly if your teeth are worn down.

When you think about orthodontic treatment, you might consider how it will improve your appearance. But, did you ever consider how it can improve your breathing? While it's true that orthodontics can enhance your smile, give you a more youthful appearance and boost your confidence, the right orthodontic regimen can also change your airway and improve your overall health. Dr. Konig specializes in airway orthodontics and improving breathing while giving you a beautiful and healthy smile.

Eating right and working out are two things that contribute to good health, but what about getting good sleep? Getting restful sleep is critical for staying healthy, but if you're waking up with dry mouth regularly, how you sleep - or having a sleep disorder - may be causing problems with your health. 

Do you smile in selfies? Do you speak to others with confidence? Or do you shy away from the camera, cover your mouth when you talk or avoid conversations altogether because you feel embarrassed by your crooked teeth? If you're struggling with the feeling that your smile is not beautiful enough and you want to realign your teeth to get the smile you want but have no idea where to begin, you've come to the right place.

Has a dentist ever told you that your bite was perfect, but you find yourself struggling with symptoms such as pain, stiffness and feeling like your jaw is going to lock? You may be wondering if you can have a perfect bite but still have jaw or teeth problems? The fact of the matter is that, yes, you can.

Can your smartphone contribute to the development of temporomandibular joint disorder? Some say yes. Many individuals experience a condition known as "tech neck," where neck pain and poor posture develop from constantly looking down at a smartphone, tablet or other tech devices. Tech neck happens because the act of looking down adds between 10 and 60 pounds of extra weight and pressure on the head and cervical spine.

Do you think your child needs orthodontic treatment, but you aren't sure if it's the best time for braces? What if there was a different way to treat your child's bite problems and crooked or crowded teeth - one that didn't require a bunch of wires and brackets? What if this way didn't just treat crowded teeth and how the smile looks but also helped address issues with facial growth? There is a way: AGGA!

Has someone recommended extracting teeth for orthodontic treatment?  This is an outdated treatment technique that is sadly still used.  There are very few cases that really need to have teeth extracted to correct the jaw relationships and bite. Jaw development or jaw growth protocols are often a much better option to consider.   Some will say this cannot be done, however, it can works on adults as well.