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Over time, some of your old fillings may have worn down, eroded or broken. Let Dr. Konig show you the possibilities of a longer lasting and more natural looking smile. Tooth-colored porcelain onlays and inlays might be the right restorative solution for you. They are a much more conservative option than conventional dental crowns, and healthier for the tooth and the gums.

onlays and inlays onlays and inlays
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One advantage of Dr. Konig’s porcelain onlays and inlays versus other filling materials is that they add strength to the tooth. In addition, onlays and inlays are harder and more durable than white composite fillings. Once Dr. Konig has bonded the onlays and inlays to your teeth, a watertight seal is formed and resiliency is restored.

The process begins when we make a mold of your teeth. A temporary onlay/inlay may be provided while your custom design is being made. From the mold, Dr. Konig designs your custom onlay/inlay so it will be an exact fit. Obviously, the color must be a good match, too. That is where Dr. Konig’s artistry and skill separate him for most other dentists.

Dr. Konig uses a dental adhesive to permanently affix your new custom-made onlay/inlay to your teeth. You leave with a beautiful, restored smile that you can enjoy for a lifetime!

To find out if dental onlays and inlays are the right solution for you, or to schedule a consultation in our Houston, Texas office, please email or call us today.

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