Implant Dentures

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DenturesIf you have missing teeth, custom dentures can be an affordable (but not permanent) solution. Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth that are typically made from an acrylic resin. There are generally two types of dentures, complete dentures or partial dentures. Houston-based cosmetic dentist Dr. Konig makes sure each are carefully crafted and custom-fitted to each patient.

As with other types of functional and aesthetic dentistry, not all dentures or dentists are the same. How they look, feel and function makes all the difference in the world . Dr. Konig is highly skilled in the fabrication of very esthetic and natural appearing dentures, which is important in selecting the right teeth based on size, shape and color.

Also, the right dentures can help strengthen muscles that controls expressions that require the support of your teeth, reduce or eliminate pronunciation problems caused by missing teeth, and help with chewing properly.  You can even have the appearance of a younger looking face with a non-surgical facelift using dentures.

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